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Do you often run into limitations during a calculation? Play short-hand with frequent price fluctuations, work in teams on a calculation, calculate in just a few clicks and always keep an overview with KPD’s calculation module.

  • Tendering of complex construction projects
  • Cost calculation using parameters and formulas
  • Topsheet
  • > 15.000 items
  • Comprehensive report builder for quotation layouts
  • Multi-user, multi-language, multi-volume,…
  • Automatic calculation for road construction based on type specifications
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Pieter Heymans, Product owner of Tendering, is happy to give you impactful insights that will help you make the most of this module.

Find out more about the key features of Tendering such as:

  • How flexible is the Tendering module?
  • How to import a measurement statement?
  • How to calculate faster?
  • How to link a BIM model?

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Don’t take our word for it.

Review Bart Raats of Dethier

Dethier is pushing digitalisation and innovation tremendously hard. To always get a grip on calculations, Dethier uses KPD’s calculation module. Since day one, the estimation team has been fully on board and put efficiency first. Discover digital acceleration or read the article.

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Take a closer look at the characteristics of Tendering.

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Review formula

Grip op fluctuaties door Preconstruction

How does KPD integrate the review formula into Tendering?

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Import measurement sheet

Always accurate and efficient calculations thanks to the convenient revision formula.

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Excel vs. Open ERP

Curious about the benefits of working with an open ERP package?

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Civil engineering

How to make a clear tendering in Ground, Water & Road Construction?

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How do you create a competitive calculation and keep it up to date?

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