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Our Onboarding Experts have worked with hundreds of construction companies. They help you set up processes, optimise workflow and get the business accelerating.

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As a digital accelerator of construction companies, we give every construction company a boost. What can you expect?

Register online until 14 days after the training date and win up to 30% of the training fee back through the ‘Digitalisation’ grant. Any company looking to use data to make their products, services and processes smarter is eligible.

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Who purchases KPD?

KPD is the partner of large or ambitious construction companies in Belgium. We work with owners, contractors, subcontractors and other stakeholders in construction projects. With unlimited capabilities and specific construction knowledge, we have more than 5000 users.

What is the price of a KPD ecosystem?

Prices depend on the type and amount of solutions you need. The more projects you execute through KPD, the more value you get out of the software. Upfront, we calculate an annual fee including all costs so you have a transparent and global overview.

Can I use a module temporarily?

KPD offers clear rental formulas for all solutions. You won’t face any financial surprises.

Can I pick and choose which KPD products I want to purchase?

You have the flexibility to choose the right solution to solve your business need. Together, we add value through analysis. For instance, connected teamflows, specific data and the cooperation between the different compartments. Our consultant would be happy to tell you more.

What is the minimum number of users?

Our ERP package can be used from 1 user onwards. Its many features allow you to expand step by step. To give you an idea: The average number of users per company is 10-15 users. The largest customers have hundreds of users.

What if I’m struggling with different software flows?

KPD is always there for you. Discover the helpdesk. Do you prefer personal advice from a consultant? We will gladly assign you a consultant.

What if I want to switch to KPD?

Most software packages provide an option to export all your data. We accompany you from advice to implementation in KPD. You can be at ease.

Are there any grants?

Yes, there are grants for digital transformation. We are an accredited SME service provider with the number DV.O 109625.

Who can I talk to about pricing?

For more information on prices or for a custom quotation, click here or call +32 13 460 460.