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Maintain an overview of the profit


Manage fluctuations in real time and produce budgets
that reflect your project budget at any time.

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Cash flow without barriers.

Budget monitoring and post-calculation are more impor- tant than ever. We like to take risks from the core. Take quick action and watch over margins with the all-round Finance module.

Clever budgeting
Keep an eye on the figures

Work in team
Simultaneously manage multiple accounts

Efficient Tracking
Link an integration with Finance such as Codabox, Companyweb, Isabel connect or Graydon.

Personalised reporting
Create new reports that fully meet your needs

E-invoice with Peppol

E-invoicing with Peppol has been widely discussed. But what exactly does that look like and how does it work together within KPD’s ecosystem?

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A smart budgeting.

Identify budgets on a project-by-project basis to keep your finger on the pulse.

You know exactly what to do to make up for overspends and delays.

Taking steps.

Don’t lose time. Work simultaneously in different compa- nies, with different people.

Dedicated follow-up.

Invoicing must be fast and clear. With its simplified struc- ture, Finance makes that possible. Track your invoices by quickly collecting, checking and approving invoiced amounts in one platform.

Everything you need.

Get the most out of your other software thanks to in- tegrations with various tools. Link your bank accounts, benefit from automatic payment monitoring and make payments quickly and error-free.

Across borders

Finance accelerates your construction business and supports you far beyond national borders. Instantly create appropriate documents for international contacts and integrate foreign purchase orders. You set the currency rates of the moment through the convenient multi-currency.

Efficiency without limits

You manage different companies via a single platform. Manage simultaneously an unlimited number of accounts for companies and/or temporary associations.

Automatic VAT declaration

Finance constantly processes income and payments so you know exactly how much VAT you have to pay or get back. With a few clicks, Finance automatically prepares the VAT declaration for you. Check the calculation and you can submit it without any surprises.

Complete the KPD ecosystem.

Don’t waste time searching for information. All working tools are at your fingertips, in one platform.


Electronic signature of any platform


Automate incoming and outgoing invoices

Mobile logistics

Manage orders. From the warehouse to the yard.


Arco, Smartdoc, Recomatics, ABBY, Flexicapture, Ricoh

Building materials

Cebeo, Rexel




Isabel Connect, Graydon, Codabox, Companyweb, Connective


Stargon from Kresoft

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A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time searching for information. All
All working tools are at your disposal, in one platform

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