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Always up-to-date


Go beyond organising content.
Always give quick feedback

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Results-driven teamwork.

No efficient flow without good construction site management. The project manager must have a grip on the project at all times, and we make sure of that.

Efficient Communication
Discover the to do’s in a clear overview

Approve invoices
Automate the approval process

Consult contracts
Quickly find the documents linked to a contract

Budget monitoring
Minimise exposures. Maximise profit.

Organise your work efficiently

Clear to do’s on the home screen bring order and clarity to your work.

By giving each stakeholder access, the team knows exactly what needs to be done to stay on track and avoid duplication of effort.

Never delayed

Approve invoices on-the-go, consult technical data sheets in between, walk through contracts and resolve disputes quickly with this proactive solution.

Provide reliable data

Give all stakeholders access to the latest information on the KPD platform. Updates are published in real time so that you don’t miss a thing.

Always on track by budget monitoring

Get realtime insight into spending through detailed financial reports. Identify critical costs and notice overruns and delays in time.

All documents at hand

Never lose track of what is going on at any stage. For each project, you will find specific documentation you need to speed up your project. For example photos, contracts, purchase documents, etc.

Always on target

You are always aware of the linked documents, employees, equipment and machines linked to a specific project. This allows you to keep the logistics flow under control and draw up a planning.

Grip on the cost structure

Integrate all project costs in Projects. You get a handy overview of the costs incurred, such as rented equipment, purchase invoices and personnel costs.

A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time searching for information. All working tools are at your fingertips, in one platform.

Timesheet App

Ensure accurate activity records


Salesforce, NAV, CRM


Uniwin, Robbe bascules, Rimses, Kilosoft, Kiloweb, RSAI

Concrete plant

Ammann, Dorner, ATV, RSAI


Arco, Smartdoc, Recomatics, ABBY, Flexicapture, Ricoh

Track & Trace

Geodynamics, Traxxeo, Transics, C-Track, Abax

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A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time searching for information.
All working tools are at your disposal, in one platform

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