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Streamline incoming and outgoing goods


Gain insight into the use and operation of
equipment in the organisation.

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Simplify the flow of goods.

Get full control over the logistics chain. Both incoming goods and delivery to the construction site are located in one platform.

Monitoring of equipment and inventory
Get a view on every item

(Internal) order management
From warehouse to construction site

Information maintenance
Maintain the machinery on time

Clear product information
Store article with a product sheet

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An up-to-date overview of materials and stock ensures an efficient workflow.

Make optimal use of the company’s capacity by having a clear overview of the warehouse.

From warehouse to construction site

Manage internal orders and optimise delivery reliability through fast processing.

With a clear overview, you avoid picking errors and the project manager is immediately informed about the correct delivery information.

Machinery to perfection

Avoid breakdowns by timely notification via Logistics. Thanks to the timely notification, you know exactly when it is best to have maintenance carried out.

Clear product information

Store a stock item with a product sheet.

Every warehouse worker immediately knows the exact specifications of a product.

Insight across different depots

Get a good insight into the stock per depot and the equipment used per yard. Read in articles and know perfectly what needs to be reordered.

All processes in one ecosystem

The Logistics app allows you to start and pick internal orders. The Logistics app is linked to Logistics, so you manage the entire flow from one central environment.

A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time searching for information. All working tools are at your fingertips, in one platform.


Sign on the road


Electronic invoice sending and processing


Mark deadlines and create maintenance receipts


Place internal orders


Canundra, Kardex, Modula




Viloc, Suivo

Building materials

Cebeo, Rexel

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A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time searching for information. All
working tools are at your disposal, in one platform

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