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Construction software for project development

Real Estate

Real Estate is designed for property developers of all sizes and offers advanced functions for speeding up construction processes, project management and providing an overview of key insights.

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Focused on delivery.

Project development is more than ever customised. Among other things, environmental factors and the sustainability aspect must be taken into account. And this while the costs of building materials rise year on year and margins are increasingly under pressure.

Smart Administration
All information in one platform

Clear budgetmonitoring
Execute minus and extra work

Flexible invoicing schedule
Completely customised for the company

Accurate Post-calculation
Real Estate warns you when you can index a segment. The calculation of the new amount has already been done.

Get started without effort

We simplify processes for the project developer without allowing you to focus on what counts.

Don’t lose time, discover all administration in one platform.

Managing the budget per project

A convenient overview in the platform ensures that you never lose control. You have a grip on your project and know exactly what phase you are in.

Compare the current budget with the proposed budget in just a few clicks.

Invoicing tailored to your needs

Real Estate makes it possible to invoice instalments, additional work and extra costs. Additional costs such as administrative costs, utilities, EPB/Architect fees. Save extra time by generating multiple invoices in one click.

Marked margins

Monitor the profitability of your projects by optimising all data. Supplier and sales contracts are registered and processed in real-time budget monitoring and forecasting.

This allows you to discover unforeseen costs early and make an easy post calculation.

Breyne’s law

Invoicing with Real Estate has never been easier. By being able to apply the Breyne Billing Law, you can be sure of the correct invoicing process. Obtain a correct invoice with clear breakdown per property.

Rent tracking

Find out at a glance which units are let and which are empty. In Real Estate, you get quick insight into revenues and costs.

Complete follow-up

Follow the various project phases in detail and see which project units, such as studios or flats, have already been sold or let.

Always to the point

Based on preset parameters, you always have a grip on a project budget and obtain a handy report.

A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time looking for information. All
working tools are at your disposal, in one platform

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