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Learn from KPD experts

Are you looking for inspiration or more like powerful acceleration? Discover how to digitally transform and accelerate processes with an open ERP system in thematic webinars.

What to expect?

Through various webinars, you will get a global picture of the possibilities within our powerful modules. Would you like tailor-made advice or specific information? Contact verkoop@kpd.be. Our consultants provide valuable insights.

Webinar Invoice approval

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The construction industry often faces a glut of invoices. Maintaining an overview is anything but an easy task. In this complex industry, it is crucial to efficiently manage and optimise the invoicing process.

Nicolas Lebrun, expert on Invoice approval, is happy to give you impactful insights on how this tool can contribute to the invoicing process.

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Webinar Tendering

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In this webinar, you will learn about key features of Tendering such as:

  • How flexible is the Tendering module?
  • How to import a measurement statement?
  • How to calculate faster?
  • How to link a BIM model?

Pieter Heymans, Product owner of Tendering, is happy to give you impactful insights that will help you make the most of this module.

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