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The digital accelerator for construction companies

KPD is the digital accelerator for construction companies. As a software partner, we connect data and people by providing a user-friendly platform. The KPD ecosystem enables any type of business process to be accelerated for any type of employee.

years experience in the construction industry
renowned construction companies
powerful modules

The most user-friendly ecosystem for the construction industry

Speed up processes with tools and features that give immediate results in a few clicks – that is KPD’s goal.

The ecosystem is built from efficiency so the modules do mountains of work. Together with the most well-known integrations, we ensure that your work is streamlined, everyday tasks are automated and all information is easy to find.

Immediately ready for use

KPD lives by our mission of accelerating business processes with in-depth and clear overview. We build a platform that every team member strongly believes in.

KPD believes it is important to listen to the client and turn questions into solutions. These solutions result in knowledge transfer through consultancy as well as an accessible platform.

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