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The obligatory e-invoicing

E-Invoice with the
Peppol integration

Simplify your invoice management processes effortlessly with the power of e-invoicing through Peppol within KPD’s ecosystem. The UBL standard allows e-invoices to be sent and read quickly and error-free.

What does KPD do?
Efficiënte E-Facturatie met PEPPOL Integrati


Brief introduction to E-invoice.

E-invoice, also known as electronic invoicing, implies that both outgoing and incoming invoices are created, sent and received in digital form. In this process, you should use the structured UBL/XML format to be adopted according to the European standard. Generating or receiving e-invoices requires software that automatically converts invoices into legally recognised digital invoices.

In the near future, companies will be required to send and receive electronic invoices (e-invoices) to and from other companies. The European Commission is moving ahead with a legislative proposal, VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA), which will mandate e-invoicing for B2B transactions. This obligation is also announced by Vincent van Peteghem, the finance minister, in the policy notefor finance in the year 2022. The aim is for electronic invoicing and receipts to become the norm.

PDF becomes XML.

What to pay attention to?

Electronic invoicing involves custom software. PDF files do not comply with recent regulations. XML files are generated according to the Universal Business Language (UBL) structure, which is becoming the new European standard for software requirements. An e-invoice is an XML invoice that complies with the European standard (Peppol, version 2 or 3) and is delivered according to the Peppol agreements. Accounting software, such as Finance, generate the XML e-invoices auatomatically, allowing you to send e-invoices efficiently. Thanks to the standardised structure, invoices are automatically imported into the accounts upon receipt via our convenient module ‘E-invoice’.


From Belgium to Europe.

From 1 July 2024, e-invoicing will become mandatory for B2B invoicing, according to the following timetable:

  • For companies with a turnover greater than €9,000,000, this transition will take place from 2024.
  • From 1 January 2025, the obligation will apply to companies with a turnover above €700,000.
  • From 1 July 2025, e-invoicing will become mandatory for all businesses, except those with a VAT exemption as small businesses.
  • From 1 January 2028, all companies, without exception, will have to implement e-invoicing.

Curious about the latest news coverage? Find out via this article by Minister Van Peteghem.

In addition, from 1 January 2024, every organisation in Belgium will be required to be able to receive and accept e-invoices. It is no longer allowed to require a paper invoice when a digital version is available. These steps are an integral part of modernising invoicing processes and contribute to efficiency and compliance with applicable regulations.

Several other European countries have had experience with e-invoicing for some time. Meanwhile, the system has been made mandatory in countries such as France and Poland for B2G (Business-to-Government), while in Italy it is even mandatory for B2B (Business-to-Business) via the Italian SDI network. France has even committed to extending digital invoicing to B2C (Business-to-Consumer) by 2024-25. Efforts have been under way from Europe for some time on the European Peppol network and the Billing Bis 3.0 standard for UBL. Wondering in which countries it is already the standard? Find out via this link.

What to expect?

Tailored advice.

Outbound invoicing

Incoming invoicing

Outbound invoicing

Ready for acceleration.

In the fast-moving world of the construction industry, it is crucial to keep up with the latest technologies and efficient business processes. According to Buildwise latest trend report, digitalisation is very high on the priority list. For construction companies, outbound invoicing often poses a challenge, whether via requisition statements with review formulas or via disc invoicing under the Breyne Law. Effective management of invoicing in the construction industry requires not only a thorough understanding of technical and legal requirements. The ability to seamlessly integrate with existing business processes is also very important. Discover an overview of the key aspects construction companies should consider when using e-invoicing for their outbound invoicing.


Today & tomorrow

Say goodbye to the difficulties of manual invoicing! Embrace the modern era of e-invoicing with the power of the Open Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) standard, facilitated through the government’s Mercury platform. Read more: www.digital.belgium.be/e-invoicing.

E-invoicing through Peppol was initially set up for efficient invoicing to government agencies such as VMSW, GO! Education, AWV, and major customers such as Elia, Aquafin and Proximus. This capability is now extended to all B2B transactions, meaning smooth invoicing with both government agencies and business partners is assured.


Problem-free invoicing

E-invoicing starts with the creation of an XML invoice in KPD Finance. Once the invoice is ready, it is forwarded to an Access Point. The Access Point plays a crucial role in the journey to digital billing, as they are responsible for connecting to the Peppol platform.

Find out via this article by Minister Van Peteghem.We work with trusted Access Points such asArco, Codabox, andIxordocs, to ensure that your transition to digital invoicing is secure and seamless. With a clear path to full digitisation, this is the gateway to stay ahead. Experience the convenience and efficiency of digital outbound invoicing today.

Inbound invoicing.

Import and done.

Moving from paper to XML

The era of familiar problems with OCR software struggling to interpret PDF invoices is a thing of the past. Thanks to Peppol, invoices are read directly and booked effortlessly.


Fast processing of invoices

Using UBL makes it possible to process invoices quickly. The structured formatting and clear field layout in UBL invoices contribute to efficient processing of financial documents including the formatting of invoice header and posting lines. This approach minimises delays and errors that can occur with manual data entry, allowing construction companies to benefit from a smoother and more accurate invoicing process. By using an Access Point, you will experience effortless integration with the Peppol/Mercurius platforms. This functionality can be seamlessly linked to Project and/or Finance.


E-invoice in Finance of Project

In an era when technology is transforming the construction industry, the KPD ecosystem offers an integrated and innovative approach to project and financial management within the construction industry. A particularly powerful addition to this ecosystem is the concept of E-invoicing with Peppol. By embracing E-invoicing with Peppol, companies in the construction industry can achieve significant efficiency and accuracy in both project management and financial processes. Discover KPD Project or KPD Finance.


Getting started quickly with E-invoicing via KPD

As a software partner, KPD is ready to provide support in the transition to e-invoicing. We guide you through the entire process, from initial planning to the implementation and integration of e-invoicing into your business environment. Our expertise allows us to understand your specific needs and offer tailor-made solutions. Would you like more information on setting up required fields, booking a UBL format or ensuring a smooth data flow? Our experts ensure a smooth and smooth transition to e-invoicing. Our goal is to ensure that your invoicing process becomes more efficient and accurate, while ensuring compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

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