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24/7 live and accurate stock inventory

Sodemat Eiffage is the department within Eiffage responsible for equipment maintenance and repairs. To make its logistics processes more efficient, Sodemat Eiffage called in the help of KPD. Watch the testimonial (in Dutch) below or read the attached article.


KPD module: Logistics App

An efficient warehouse

Peter D’Aubioul, Site Manager of Sodemat Eiffage Benelux: ‘We used to have trouble retrieving materials. So we decided to organise the storage of these materials by dividing them into zones’. By dividing materials into zones, the company can improve storage efficiency and make it easier to find the right materials when needed. By dividing the site into zones, we know exactly which materials are stored in which zone. Together with KPD, we set up the ‘Scanning Project’ which now allows us to properly inventory all materials.

The possibilities were immediately apparent.

On today’s construction site, getting all the supplies in the right place is easier than ever before. Thanks to digital transformation, we can now efficiently manage recurring deliveries using scanners that work in real time. No more fussing with retrieving site lists at dispatch – now the forklift driver can simply use the scanner and see which materials need to go in which direction. This ensures an accurate stock count and allows us to collect our materials more smoothly and quickly. This progress allows us to focus on efficiency and safety at the site.

Sustainable digitisation with KPD

Peter says: ‘KPD is our ERP supplier and has been fully committed to the Logistics App. From the start, we had a lot of confidence in KPD. Thanks to good cooperation, communication and clear action points, we made steps in the right direction together’.

We did not want an overwhelming amount of digital tools like some other construction companies, but instead wanted to focus on sustainable innovation. Fortunately, KPD helped us achieve our goals. We are therefore very happy with KPD’s efforts and the fact that they have provided a tailor-made solution that fits our needs exactly. Thanks to KPD, we can now enjoy the benefits of the Logistics App while focusing on sustainable innovation in the construction industry.

About Sodemat Eiffage Benelux

Established in 2002, Sodemat serves as the equipment service of Eiffage Benelux. The various members of the group can turn to Sodemat for large and small equipment needed to carry out their construction and civil engineering sites.

The diversity of materials and machinery offers countless possibilities, but can also be challenging. A good structure is essential to keep everything organised and efficient. In this way, different zones can be created so that each team or department can work to its full potential without interference from other activities on the site.

Its good structure and organised nature allow construction companies to complete their projects on time and on budget. It is a place where efficiency, professionalism and safety come together and where professionals can express their passion for building.

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