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From 3 to 1 payroll employee thanks to Timesheet App

The entire team – including the site and project managers of construction company DCA – have been using the Timesheets App to record their activities since 2021. The human resources department? They have gained a much better overview of the various activities and are leaving manual entry of hours behind for good. Watch the testimonial below or read the attached article.


KPD module: People
Feature: Timesheet App

Via digitisation towards greater efficiency and transparency

Joyce Dickens, employee in the human resources department, says: “Within the DCA group, we employ about 600 people. At the end of the month we sat with three people processing the wages and dropped everything else. The hours were noted by the foreman, that paper went to the site manager and then finally came out to us at the personnel department. From time to time, information was also lost and we could not identify a responsible person.

So in 2020, we tied the knot and started looking for a digital solution that could save us time and work, as well as bring more transparency to our processes. On the advice of KPD, our current software partner, we looked into the Timesheet App and started using it in 2021.

There used to be 3 people in payroll processing, now 1

Above all, time entry should be easy and efficient. Joyce: ‘We knew that manual entry is very time-consuming and that there are other, more efficient solutions. We were looking for a solution that allowed us to import the hours immediately into our ERP package.

Our flow is now much simpler. The site manager indicates an activity per person in the app and we import these activities into ‘People’ – the KPD module that focuses on payroll preparation and reporting. In a few clicks and at a glance, we always keep track of hours worked, leave, sickness and overtime’.

DCA thus managed to reduce its payroll staff from three to one full-time employee.

A well-founded implementation

After implementing the Timesheet App, DCA’s HR staff went to each worksite to explain the module. This was not always met with enthusiasm. ‘Surely it is good how things are going now’,was one of the points of feedback.

Because the human resources department received clear training from the KPD consultant, they were prepared to provide a rebuttal to this kind of feedback as well as go deeper into certain functionalities.

Joyce: ‘We listened to the feedback and elaborated on the benefits that a switchover would give to our people on-site. The foremen took control and started immersing themselves in the Timesheet App. They now also see the usefulness of the App. We can conclude that, after some resistance in the beginning, the integration has been positively received.’

DCA’s favourite Timesheets App feature?

That is by far the integration with the ‘People’ module.

Joyce concludes: ‘It is super convenient to load the hours into People and do checks in it. We immediately have all the information at hand to process the wages correctly. Because we now have 1 person responsible for payroll processing, the entire team also knows immediately where to go in case of questions. The 2 other employees can now simply focus on other tasks within our HR department.’

About DCA

With a slogan like ‘More than building’, DCA fits perfectly into KPD’s DNA. More than 50 years of experience makes DCA a reputable construction partner is for different types of projects. As a Class 8 Kempen construction company, they (manage) a project from the first brick to the last finishing touches. DCA includes DCA bouwbedrijf, DCA infra, DCA woonprojecten and Coraco.

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