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Ground, water & road construction

How do you ensure accurate and efficient estimation for Ground, Water and Road Construction? Tendering ensures that you always have a grip on pricing and can react quickly in case of any changes.

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Always get a grip on your tendering.

The user-friendly estimating module ‘Tendering’ accelerates cost estimating at every stage of the project. Working as a team on a calculation, efficiently calculating and changing information ensures an accurate calculation flow. Discover the most intuitive interface in the construction software market.

One ecosystem

Connect the calculating module with other modules within the KPD ecosystem for streamlined follow-up. Looking for a calculation module only? Tendering can be grafted onto your current software package after a thorough analysis.

Measurement statement

Import the measurement state and calculate in no time. Add and adjust columns where necessary. The quantities of the measurement statement are linked with a column.


Work with multiple calculators simultaneously on one project without losing data. Efficiency in acceleration.


User-friendliness is at the heart of Tendering. Calculating complex projects is a child’s play in this powerful module without losing the overview. Attach multiple (partial) metrics to a project by splitting your project.

Up-to-date dates

Save time when calculating with the handy integration of the revision formula and the handy library.


Preset libraries simplify work and reduce the risk of mistakes. Link one or more libraries to your tendering for a solid price justification. Discover the different libraries: ‘Contacts, resources, variant types and review formulas’.

Auto Calculation

Do you make extensive use of type sheets, e.g. TB 250? Save time by retrieving an automatic calculation from your type specifications via ‘Auto calculation’.

Sales price calculation

Kies zelf welke marges voor jouw bedrijf van toepassing zijn voor het bepalen van de verkoopprijsberekening. You can set margins per item, globally for an entire chapter or the entire measurement statement. Get an offer report after the calculation.


For determining margin strategy, it is often useful to see the most important key figures on one sheet. Show all relevant quantities and convert them via formulas into key values such as cost per sq m, per month or per flat.

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Training and implementation

Starting with a new software package is not always straightforward. We are certainly aware of that. That is precisely why the KPD experts provide good guidance. Through an onboarding programme, we prepare your construction company for acceleration.

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A complete ecosystem

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