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Interior & finishing

Creating progress statements with flexible libraries, efficient post-calculation, workforce management, and more.

Streamline progress statements for subcontractors with ease. Discover the ability to handle different VAT rates in your progress statements and maintain an overview of all your documents and more. Ideal for interior and finishing companies aiming for accuracy and efficiency.

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6 powerful modules form the building blocks
for your digital success

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project preparation.

Handle the entire calculation process, from measurement statement to progress statement.

Clear personnel administration.

Gain insights into personnel files, interpret hours, and track activity.

project administration

Gain control over the cost structure of a project. From progress statements to contracts.

Efficient stock and equipment management.

Stay connected from the construction site to the warehouse.

Insight into the essential figures.

Obtain a structured overview of the figures.

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Focused on Tendering


In the complex world of finishing companies, where accuracy and craftsmanship are central, a thorough calculation is crucial. When preparing a calculation, it’s about the detailed estimation of the required materials. Finishes often require specific and high-quality materials, ranging from paint and coatings to flooring and decorative elements. An accurate determination of these materials, their quantities, and prices is the basis of a solid calculation.

> Cost calculation using parameters and formulas
> Topsheet/Bid Sheet
> More than 15.000 items.
> Comprehensive report builder for quotation layouts
> Multi-user, multi-language, multi-volume,…
> Quote version management per project, per variations, or per indirect costs

calculatie, calculeren, calculatie interieur, calculatie afwerking

Efficient communication

Always keep everyone on the same page

Always connected to the construction site


An integrated platform specially designed for the interior and finishing sector provides complete site monitoring without any effort. This allows you to seamlessly manage all documents, from quotes to invoices, and from permits to technical specifications. Everything is brought together in one place for your convenience. In addition, you continually maintain control over site budgeting with structured budget monitoring. Real-time cost monitoring enables you to identify potential budget overruns and make timely adjustments. Detailed reports and analyses provide you with essential insights to track not only your team’s performance but also to keep a close eye on the overall project profitability. This platform is your partner for a seamless and effective project execution in the interior and finishing sector.

> All data immediately in the right place.
> Always and everywhere an accurate view of a project’s status
> Real-time project administration in one platform
> Create and consult contracts
> Progress and execution statements
> Different VAT percentages in progress statements
> Progress statements for subcontractors.
> Approve invoices for payment
> Project quotes for reimbursement of extras or deductions
> Complete overview of budget adjustments during the construction

Specific to the construction sector

Functionally strong

Personnel administration in plain language


With People, you can effortlessly handle smooth personnel administration in your interior projects. Using the Checkin@work feature, you can easily track the presence and registration of your team and partners according to legal standards. But that’s not all. Our Timesheets App makes it easy for employees to record their tasks, providing you with a deep overview of hours worked and their impact on the project budget. This mobile app is seamlessly integrated with the People module. Here, you can manage individual profiles and other personnel-related matters in a streamlined way. With a central database, you can quickly and accurately manage information such as personal details, contracts, and leave requests.

> Mobile worker time registration (Timesheets App)
> Transportation and mobility Costs
> Integration with social secretariat
> Individual file

Clear and to the point

One powerful ecosystem



The financial module offers a comprehensive overview of essential KPIs, providing clear insight into the financial status of your interior project, company, or entity. The software allows you to work with your chosen currency, ensuring full alignment with your international financial needs. Thanks to the automatic VAT declaration functionality, tax obligations are simplified and automated. Moreover, the software allows you to manage an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously and work in multiple time periods, adding flexibility to your financial management. The option to work with multi-companies makes it possible to effectively manage and report on complex financial structures. In short, this powerful tool ensures efficient financial management within your organization.

> Overview of KPIs
> In a currency of your choice
> Automatic VAT declaration
> Manage an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously
> Work in multiple periods simultaneously
> Multi-company
> E-invoice with Peppol (in and out)
> Intercompany settlement
> Intrastat (foreign purchases)
> Investment and depreciation module
> Analytical structure at 5 levels
> Financial budgetary control
> Flexible financial reporting at the holding level
> Consolidation

No data is lost

We set digitization in motion

From the warehouse to the construction site.


Logistics provides comprehensive inventory and equipment management, giving you a constant overview of your equipment and stock. The management of (internal) orders and deliveries is effortless and effective, ensuring you always have the necessary equipment on time. With the multi-depot functionality, you have the ability to manage and monitor various locations. Experience a smooth logistics workflow thanks to the Logistics app in your pocket. This allows you to quickly and accurately scan and track equipment and materials, leading to a streamlined handling of administrative processes.

> Stock and equipment management.
> Easy management of (internal) orders and deliveries.
> Maintenance and inspections of the machinery
> Multi-depot
> Convenient scanning through the Logistics App

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Joyce Dickens

Feature: timesheets app

Bart Raats

Module: Tendering

Peter D’Aubioul
Sodemat Eiffage

Feature: Logistics App

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Efficient stock and equipment management.

Stay connected from the construction site to the warehouse.

Insight into the essential figures.

Obtain a structured overview of the figures.

Real Estate
Project phase down to the details.

See which project units are already sold or rented.

6 powerful modules form the building blocks
for your digital success

Discover the acceleration.