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Add-ons for ambitious construction companies

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Boost your team’s efficiency and productivity by customizing the workflow to your needs. These powerful add-ons simplify administration on the construction site and in the office.

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Timesheet App

Tired of manual time
entry as well?

Managing time tracking and hour tracking can be challenging. With the Timesheet App, you can simplify this process. Mobile time tracking not only streamlines work hour management but also provides insight into daily activities. With handy features such as hour input, equipment registration, advanced payroll processing, and CheckIn@Work, you can improve the flow and optimize resources.

› Flexible hour entry on a project
› Configurable approval flow
› Compare with track & trace entry
› Register employees and equipment
› Simplified payroll preparation

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Logtistics App

24/7 accurate insight into your stock inventory

Managing logistics processes can be complex and overwhelming. The Logistics App offers an integrated solution to streamline internal logistics tasks. From inventory management and supplier management to scanning and order tracking, our tool helps optimize supply chain processes. Simplify your logistics and reduce operational costs.

› Integration with scanners
› Real-time inventory and inventory management
› Efficient order processing
› All product information at your fingertips
› Digital twin of the warehouse keeper

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Requirements App

Efficient supply on the construction site

Ensure you always have the right equipment and materials on the construction site through the Requirements App. Facilitate the supply process with targeted internal orders per construction site. A handy dashboard allows for structured navigation through the item lists. Both orders and returns are easy to manage and track.

› Convenient catalog with photos
› Overview of what’s on your construction site
› Easy ordering from your warehouse/depot
› Convenient returns

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Shipments App

Structured handling of a need note

When an order is placed in the form of a need note via the Requirements App, the Shipments App allows us to efficiently process these orders. In Shipments, the orders are prepared one by one and made ready for transport.

Once the orders are ready for shipment, the transport process is initiated. The orders are sent to their destination, and the transfer takes place as planned.

One of the useful features of the Shipments is that you can see all the order lines to be handled at a glance. This overview ensures that the entire order picking process runs smoothly and organized, allowing you to maintain control over logistics operations and ensure efficient order processing.

› Focus on operational use (warehouse staff)
› Customized order picking process
› Part of Logistics App
› Compatible with various devices, including the handheld scanner

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Invoice Approval

Advanced invoice approval,
wherever you want

Save time with our mobile invoice approval feature. View invoices to be approved and approved invoices, add comments, and manage deductions.

› Automated approval process
› Deductions and releases
› Integrated with KPD Finance
› View the approval flow
› Full or partial approval

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The KPD consultant focuses on the tasks you deal with every day and provides you with the complete picture, from the first step to the final result.

We offer you only the most efficient workflows by combining in-depth knowledge of the construction sector with our powerful software.

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