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Kickstart your digital strategy through the KPD ecosystem. Together with leaders in construction KPD has shaped and redefined digitalisation.

Our Academy offers a wide range of modules aimed at improving efficiency, optimising business processes and increasing productivity. We used to offer our modules in groups, but now we also offer the possibility of 1-on-1 learning. This gives you the chance to concentrate fully on the specific knowledge and skills you want to improve.


At KPD Academy, we are committed to providing powerful modules designed to support and accelerate construction professionals. Our modules are led by experienced consultants who have a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Contact us to find out which modules best suit your professional needs and goals.

  1. Tendering: Ce module est axé sur le calcul et anciennement connu sous le nom de vNext. It provides participants with an overview of the various processes involved in the preparation of construction projects. It covers topics such as tendering for complex construction projects, automatic calculation for road construction based on type specifications and Topsheet.
  2. Project: This module, known as WIC, is an emphasis on project management at the shipyard. Participants learn how to manage their projects to ensure they are completed on time and on budget. Topics covered include site monitoring, invoice approval and communication.
  3. People: This module focuses on personnel administration for construction companies, including subcontractors. Participants learn how to gain insight into working hours in no time. It includes topics such as activity registration, employee registration and centralising payroll data.
  4. Finance: This module focuses on the financial flow of construction companies and teaches participants how to manage the financial health of their business. It covers topics such as smart budgeting, cash flow management and automatic VAT returns.
  5. Logistics: This module focuses on the flow of goods in construction companies and teaches participants how to optimise the logistics processes in their company. It covers topics such as supply chain management, inventory management, transportation and distribution.
  6. Real Estate: This module focuses on specific aspects of property development, such as Breyne law and other regulations for real estate projects. Participants will learn how to speed up construction processes, efficiently engage in project management and build a customised report. It includes topics such as clear budget monitoring, a flexible billing schedule and accurate post-calculation.

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Ready to speed up? So are we. Learn more about our powerful modules and how to accelerate business processes.

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As a digital accelerator of construction companies, we give every construction company a boost. What to expect?

Register online until at least 14 days after the training date and win up to 30% of the training fee back through the ‘Digitisation’ grant. Any company that wants to use data to make their products, services and processes smarter is eligible.

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Consultancy & advice

An implementation project starts with a consultancy phase. The business processes are analysed and matched with the KPD ecosystem. You get an overview of the processes to be automated while the consultants prepare an appropriate proposal.


Based on the previous analysis, we fully tailor the software to the way your organisation works. By adjusting parameters, we determine how the system responds in a specific situation. If required, our programmers will start custom programming certain functionalities.


KPD has everything you need to keep your ICT infrastructure running perfectly. A single point of contact for both software and hardware. The specialised service takes care of the installation and maintenance of the company network and service infrastructure.


KPD’s Helpdesk is always ready to help you with any questions or problems. It is possible to reach the helpdesk by phone or email reach the Helpdesk. If necessary, we will take over your screen and solve the problem.


Implementation is all set. Employees are trained and given various tips and tricks. Through hands-on training, the team quickly gets to grips with the software.