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KPD Tendering

Time savings with KPD Tendering

In the world of construction tendering, time is a valuable asset, and savvy professionals know that efficiency is the key to success. KPD Tendering, the powerful tendering software from KPD, offers a range of powerful features that not only enhance efficiency but also increase productivity. Let’s see more how KPD Tendering saves time and streamlines processes.

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Features in tendering software: save time

  • Libraries: Data reuse for speed and consistency
    With KPD Tendering, data input becomes a one-time task. Libraries allow users to store standard information such as materials and cost items, making it easy to reuse. This not only minimizes errors but also accelerates the estimation process by eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.
  • Efficient Excel Import: No time wasted on retyping
    The power of KPD Tendering is also evident in its efficient Excel import functionality. Instead of time-consuming manual typing, users can import data from Excel with a single click. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the chance of errors that can occur with manual entry.
  • Autocalculation and Standard Bill of Quantities: Smart repetition of works
    KPD Tendering uses autocalculation based on a standard bill of quantities, making recalculating recurring tasks a breeze. By applying a smart structure, professionals don’t have to perform the same calculations repeatedly. This ensures consistent and quick results.
  • Search screen and reference items: Quick access to key information
    The search screen of KPD Tendering provides a streamlined way to find specific information. Additionally, reference items can be used to base new estimates on previous work. The result? Speed, efficiency, and no duplicated effort.
  • BIM Functionality: Efficient and Accurate with Building Information Models
    BIM functionality in KPD Tendering elevates the tendering process. Professionals can quickly extract quantities from the BIM model and seamlessly integrate them into their bill of quantities. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of the estimates.
  • Topsheet overview: Insight into core values
    The topsheet feature of KPD Tendering provides a structured overview of all core values of the tendering. This includes not only total costs but also a detailed breakdown per commercial code. It allows users to quickly understand the crucial aspects of their project. KPD Tendering makes rounding total amounts to specific prices easy, enabling users to create financial overviews swiftly and accurately adjust according to their specific needs.
  • Cloud Tendering: Collaborating on tendering
    KPD Tendering allows collaboration on tenderig in the cloud. This opens the door to efficient collaboration, where team members can work on an tendering simultaneously from remote locations. This speeds up the process and increases productivity.

Bart Raats from Dethier shares more.

To emphasize the benefits of KPD Tendering, we look at the testimonial from Dethier. Discover how this renowned construction company quickly responds to price fluctuations and achieved efficiency improvements by leveraging the powerful features of KPD Tendering. In the competitive world of construction, saving time is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. With KPD Tendering, construction professionals not only have the opportunity to save time but also to optimize their processes, minimize errors, and ultimately enhance success.

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