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Discover the new KPD

Even established values need to be challenged from time to time. CEO Beau Osselaere announces a new wind blowing through the company: A refreshed branding and positioning including an offering more focused on our clients needs.


The construction sector is one of the most challenging industries, characterised by complexity and very specific processes. Together with pioneers in the construction industry, KPD is working on digital acceleration to enable construction companies to discover pitfalls early and solve them structurally. Due to current trends, construction companies need to be able to adapt quickly and work very flexibly. What’s more, anyone who wants to keep up today needs a new set of tools. We make sure you are ready for tomorrow. Discover the new wind through KPD.

Focused on the construction company

KPD puts its customers first. This determines how we treat you as well as how we build our ecosystem. KPD’s ecosystem offers the ultimate solution to accelerate your construction business. 6 powerful modules form the building blocks for your digital success. User-friendly, cost-efficient and always connected are basic values to which we attach great importance. Centralise all your work in the KPD ecosystem and break through boundaries.

Ready for the future

KPD is adapted to the needs of today and tomorrow. In the ecosystem, you have all the flexibility to work when, where and how it suits you best. Play it short through user-friendly features and make it extra personal through numerous integrations. Stop switching between apps and excel to get work done. Make KPD the central nervous system for all your tools. Centralise data, take actions and work cost-efficiently. Are you ready for the updated KPD?