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Don’t waste time.


Calculations quickly become outdated due to frequent price fluctuations. Preconstruction makes it possible to create and update your estimate to current standards in just a few clicks.

  • Tendering of complex construction projects
  • Cost calculation using parameters and formulas
  • Topsheet
  • > 15.000 items
  • Comprehensive report builder for quotation layouts
  • Multi-user, multi-language, multi-volume,…
  • Automatic calculation for road construction based on type specifications
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Accurate calculations.

Prepare successful projects by performing accurate measurements and calculations in a few clicks.

An all-in-one platform

Every calculator works in the same platform


Make quick calculations by easily integrating applications.

Transparency is key

From quotation to execution in one click.

Successful projects
by teamwork

Collaborate on a calculation via realtime modifications.


On demand.

Discover the key features

Discover impactful insights that will allow you to make the most of this module.

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Stay up-to-date.

Price revision index

How does Preconstruction anticipate the price revision index? Starting from 2023, a combined index (Index I 2021) is necessary to calculate a revision coefficient.

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Testimonial Dethier

A calculation should be efficient and accurate. Bart Raats: ‘Preconstruction meets all the requirements to complete a calculation quickly and to be competitive’.

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Successful projects through teamwork.

Construction companies with multiple calculators work together in one platform. By centralising the estimating process, we can move smoothly from estimating to building process. Each calculator works on the same data, without the risk of data loss during a project handover.

Enlarge the view.

A good calculation is essential, but not easy because of the fluctuations. Thanks to a clear structure and the possibility of reports, you can switch in real time when necessary.

With one click, you go from calculation to site budget, isn’t that convenient?

Save time with structured calculations.

Premade columns give you the ability to import an Excel. This allows you to quickly set up accurate calculations and win more projects in less time.

Detailed calculations through BIM integration

Save time with the connection to the BIM model. In a few clicks, you have all the information at your disposal. The columns are generated automatically so that you can immediately continue working on this data.


Outsource complex projects with Preconstruction. The user-friendly platform is known for its multi- functionalities such as multi-user, multi-language, multi-quantity,…

A customised workflow

Speed up your processes through its user-friendly interface. The specific software allows you to go that extra mile. Think, for example, of an automatic calculation for road construction based on type specifications.

Make complex calculations in no time

Create, manage and monitor the most complex calculations. Preconstruction has more than 15,000 items that you can fully customise. Personalise each parameter based on the workflow and always keep an overview. In each post, you link parameters and formulas so that you don’t lose any time.

Post calculation

Accelerate the process and keep a grip on the project. Chart costs and adjust budgets due to possible fluctuations.

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At the core.

Civil engineering

How to make a clear tendering?

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How do you create a competitive calculation and keep it up to date?

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Wondering what we can do for you? Then be sure to check out our website! Take a closer look at the features of Preconstruction.

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Review formula

Grip op fluctuaties door Preconstruction

How does KPD integrate the review formula into Preconstruction

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Import measurement sheet

Always accurate and efficient calculations thanks to the convenient revision formula.

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Excel vs. Open ERP

Curious about the benefits of working with an open ERP package?

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A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time searching for information. All working tools are at your fingertips, in one platform.


Salesforce, NAV, CRM



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A complete ecosystem

Don’t waste time searching for information.
All working tools are at your disposal, in one platform

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