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KPD Services strengthens management with CEO Beau Osselaere, and gains new reference shareholder with Green Park Investment Partners

ir. Marc Goossens and Catherine Gressens are passing the torch at KPD Services, which has become the market leader in ERP solutions for the construction industry in Belgium with its software package Bouwoffice. Beau Osselaere takes over as CEO and will lead the company through its next growth phase. For 35 years, Halen-based KPD Services has been committed to digitising more than 300 companies in the construction sector – from general construction, renovation, road building, to installation and project development. It has developed several specialised tools to simplify the management and follow-up of projects, such as BouwOffice/vNext, with which it serves 50% of large construction companies in Belgium. The company achieves a turnover of EUR 5.5 million with some 35 employees from its headquarters in Halen and counts more than 300 construction companies as customers. After a slow start, a wave of digitalisation is now sweeping through the construction sector as well. The Confederatie Bouw indicates that many companies have already taken a first step towards digitising the entire construction process, but the majority still have some way to go. Added to this are new popular applications such as BIM, a digital model that makes all relevant information in the construction process available to all parties involved in construction. It is at that crossroads that KPD wants to be and remain the digital partner for its clients. Ir. Marc Goossens (69), founder of KPD, is particularly pleased to now hand over his brainchild KPD to Green Park Investment Partners: ‘I am convinced that Green Park and Beau Osselaere have sufficient young blood and clout to ensure sustainable continuity and innovation. Our 300-plus clients can sleep on both their ears.’ Beau Osselaere (39) has more than 13 years’ experience in managing technical teams within a major bank in London and will focus the coming months on defining the company’s mission, vision and strategy and the operational priorities that emerge from it. Green Park will help guide that next phase of growth as a hands-on investor. Marc and Catherine Gressens will remain active in the firm for several more months to ensure a smooth handover and will remain involved as shareholders thereafter.